Technical FAQ Where can I get the HDK? 07-Jul-2016

The HDK includes detailed technical information such as pin description, protocol specification, etc. and it will be provided only if you participate in Modular Friends co-development. However, you can see the brief introductory information here.

Technical FAQ How can I suggest my idea about new Modular Friends? 01-Apr-2016

Contact us for further discussion.

Technical FAQ How much can I take profits if my idea is implemented to a real product? 01-Apr-2016

Further discussion will be individually given when the co-development started. It is based on the mutual agreement and contract with you. 

Technical FAQ Does the Modular Friends require co-development with LG? 01-Apr-2016

Yes. Modular Friends should be co-developed with us because it affects smartphone's performance and design significantly.

Technical FAQ What is the Modular Friends? 01-Apr-2016

Modular Friends stands for a companion device which can be bonded to the modular design LG Smartphone like G5. You can refer to G5 Modular Friends such as LG CAM Plus or LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play as an example.

Technical FAQ What is LG Friends Certification 31-Mar-2016

LG Friends Certification is a process of verifying that your device meets the LG Friends standards of compatibility, reliability, usability and stability when paired with G5, criteria of performance, and the quality of SW/HW design. We authorize devices and give the permission to use LG Friends logo through LG Friends Certification.

Technical FAQ What is the Friends SDK? 31-Mar-2016

The Friends SDKs provide APIs that let your apps to connect to and control LG Friends. 

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Dear LG,


This is the code I wrote. The cheatkey() is not called properly.

Can you tell me what I've done wrong?







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