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We provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) and resources that allow you to develop apps and create content that maximize and enrich the user experience of LG Friends.


The Friends SDKs provide Friends APIs, documentation and sample codes that help you create your apps and services.

We cooperates with external organizations to support making of a wide range of VR content. There is a VR UCC contest in May 2016, hosted by SBS, one of Korea’s major broadcasters. We will continue to collaborate with various corporations and VR organizations for creation and diffusion of quality VR content.


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We provide the following resources for LG Friends app and content developers:


Friends Camera SDK
With Friends Camera SDK, you can create an app that connects an LG 360 CAM and Action CAMLTE to Android/ iOS mobile devices and controls Friends Camera devices on them. We believe Friends SDKs can be a key to opening up business opportunities. For more information, see Friends Camera SDK.



Friends VR App Development Guide
As LG 360 VR is compatible with Google Cardboard platform, you can create VR apps that can run on LG 360 VR with Google Cardboard SDK. For more information, see Friends VR App.

More Friends SDKs will be released and made available for download soon!


LG provides the following supports to shortlisted developers:


Technical Support
Use Forum to ask technical questions while creating apps and content for LG Friends.

Friends Channel
Selected apps and content will be introduced through our LG Friends channel. We are sure it will be a great change to promote your apps or content.


Q. What is the Friends SDK?

A. The Friends SDKs provide APIs that let your apps to connect to and control LG Friends. You can develop apps that are dedicated for specific LG Friends by using the Friends SDKs.



Q. What kind of the Friends SDKs is available?

A. Currently, the Friends Camera SDK for LG 360 CAM the only SDK that is released. With Friends Camera SDK, you can create apps that can connect to and control the LG 360 CAM device.


Q. Are you planning to release other types of SDKs for LG Friends?

A. Yes we are! Keep an eye out on our website for new SDK releases.


Q. How can I distribute apps developed with the Friends SDK?

A. Your apps can be distributed through Google Play Store. We are planning to provide an LG Friends promotion channel where we share various LG Friends apps and content. Contact us if you want to suggest your apps and content.