Modular Friends


Modular Friends refers to the companion devices which can be bonded to LG modular type smartphone. Each Modular Friends provides a unique function which has not been part of the smartphone itself. This lets users swap out its bottom bezel for other Modular Friends, like the LG CAM Plus. For detailed information about Modular Friends, see Discover > Development Type > Modular Friends.

Let’s find out how we could create new Modular Friends together!


Modular Friends significantly affect the smartphone's performance and design. Therefore, we, LG and you, need to work together to co-develop the Modular Friends. As a starting point of co-development, we hosted an Idea Contest in April 2016 in Korea. We carefully reviewed all submitted ideas and selected the best ones to be co-developed by LG and the idea proposer together based on the mutual agreement.

HDK (Hardware Development Kit)

The HDK provides the technical information required for developing the Modular Friends. It defines the interface on how the Modular Friends connect to and communicate with the LG modular type smartphones. Note that detailed information is exclusive to the developers invited for co-development.

See to the basic level of information on HDK  for Modular Friends to jumpstart the development process.


By taking part in the Modular Friends co-development, you can get the following benefits:


Chance to Implement Your Idea to Real Product

If you have an awesome idea for a new module, then it is time to open yourself up to a new opportunity. Our aim is to deliver new joy and experience to our customers by bringing out the fun that was locked in the apps to a place outside the smartphones. You can be part of this innovation with us through Modular Friends co-development.


Product Profit

Once your submitted idea is selected and to be commercialized, you are entitled to a fair profit according to the signed contract.


Q. What is the Modular Friends?

A. Modular Friends stands for a companion device which can be bonded to the modular design LG Smartphone like G5. You can refer to G5 Modular Friends such as LG CAM Plus or LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play as an example.


Q. Does the Modular Friends require co-development with LG?

A. Yes. Modular Friends should be co-developed with us because it affects smartphone's performance and design significantly.


Q. How much can I take profits if my idea is implemented to a real product?

A. Further discussion will be individually given when the co-development started. It is based on the mutual agreement and contract with you.


Q. Where can I get the HDK?

A. The HDK includes detailed technical information such as pin description, protocol specification, etc. and it will be provided only if you participate in Modular Friends co-development. However, you can see the brief introductory information here.


Q. How can I suggest my idea about new Modular Friends?

A. Contact us for further discussion.