Wired and Wireless Friends



Wired and Wireless Friends refer to companion devices that can be connected with LG modular type smartphone via a wired or wireless connection. Are you working on developing wired or wireless device which offer playful experience to users? Your device can be one of LG Friends via LG Friends Certification program.


The LG Friends Certification program provides a variety of support, including quality control and promotion, so that your device can be certified as an LG Friends. You can get an LG Friends logo only obtained LG Friends through passing LG Friends Certification program.


We invite you to be a part of LG Friends! 


In order to be part of LG Friends, you need to submit your application for the LG Friends Certification program first. Here is the steps we will take together to become LG Friends:


Please download and fill out the LG Friends Certification Application Form and send us it via email at friends.cert@lge.com.

The application form includes the followings:

• Company introduction 
• Product descriptions: Key features, Operation, Specifications, Customer values  


We review your application and inform you of the result.

Once your application is approved, you will be automatically taken to the next step.

* The approval process takes about 2 weeks.


You will be introduced to the LG Friends Certification process and discuss the program details with us. (LG Friends Certification Guide)



Please submit the sample device.



 We verify your sample device according to LG Friends Certification criteria.

* This verification process takes about 4-16 weeks. 


Once your sample device passes the verification process, you will be given permission to use LG Friends logo.

* You should follows the LG Friends Logo Usage Standards.



Wired and Wireless devices that want to apply to the LG Friends Certification program should meet the following connectivity requirements. For more detailed information about connectivity requirements, refer to here.


Wired Device
  Wired devices should meet the requirements described below.

- USB Type-C 2.0 (Mandatory)

  For more information about USB 2.0 and USB C-Type standard, visit USB.org.

- DisplayPort v1.2 (Optional)

  For more information about DisplayPort standard, visit DisplayPort Official Website.



• Wireless Device

  Wireless devices should meet the requirements described below:

- Bluetooth 4.0 (Mandatory)

  For more information about Bluetooth standards and profiles, visit Bluetooth SIG.

- Wi-Fi / LTE / 3G (Optional)



Wireless Devices should support BLE Advertise Mode to use the LG Friends Manager app, and follow the LG's BLE specifications.



You can enjoy various benefits and advantages by having our device certified as LG Friends.


• Global Marketing Channel with LGFriends.com


If your wired or wireless device gets certified as LG Friends, then can be distributed through LGFriends.com.


LGFriends.com is a  global online store that show cases LG Friends products and provides links to where customers can buy them. LGFriends.com saves you time, effort, and cost associated with product promotion and sales. It will be a great opportunity to promote your business.



• Showcase of Your Device at LG Promotion Events


You will be given an opportunity to exhibit and introduce your device at a number of LG promotion events worldwide such as CES, MWC or more.





• Quick and Easy Connection with LG Friends Manager

When the LG Friends certified devices are turned on they will be automatically shown on the LG Friends Manager app so that users can readily discover and connect these devices with LG G5. 


LG Friends Manager is the hub application that allows the LG modular type smartphone to connect with LG Friends with minimal fuss and effort. LG Friends Manager automatically detects nearby LG Friends and connects quickly and easily in simple steps, eliminating much of the hassle of paring devices.






Q. What is LG Friends Certification?
A. LG Friends Certification is a process of verifying that your device meets the LG Friends standards of compatibility, reliability, usability and stability when paired with LG modular type smartphone, criteria of performance, and the quality of SW/HW design. We authorize devices and give the permission to use LG Friends logo through LG Friends Certification.


Q. How does LG Friends Certification work?

A. You first need to apply for LG Friends Certification program via email at friends.cert@lge.com. Refer to the diagram that shows how to get into LG Friends Certification program.


Q. What is LG Friends Certification Guide?
A. LG Friends Certification Guide helps you understand what you need to prepare to pass LG Friends Certification process (2nd screening). Once we receive your application, we evaluate the potentials of your device (1st screening). For the shortlisted applicants, we will design a customized LG Friends Certification process according to your device specifications and characteristics. The list of certificates to be obtained for target regional markets and product specification standards will also e provided to the selected applicants.


Q. Can I refer the detailed document for quality specifications and items on 2nd screening (LG Friends Certification process)?

A. The quality standards and screening criteria for the 2nd screening will be made available to those who qualify. Once you pass the 1st screening, a customized LG Friends Certification Guide will be provided.


Q. Does LG Friends certificate have any validity conditions?
A. The LG Friends certificate is valid and unexpired as far as no changes are made to your device since last time it has been certified. If your device has any changes (e.g.: version upgrade, defect correction), you should notify us and your device needs to go through the verification process again.


Q. Can I apply for LG Friends Certification program with only an idea for wired or wireless device?

A. A prototype device is required to apply for LG Friends Certification program.