Development Types


LG Friends can be categorized into the following five development types:


Development Type LG Friends How to get started

Modular Friends

Companion hardware modules that mechanically connect to LG modular type smartphone


LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY

Modular Friends

Wired Friends

Companion hardware devices that connect to LG modular type smartphone through an wired connection such as via the USB port

LG 360 VR

Wired and Wireless Friends

Wireless Friends


Companion hardware devices that connect to LG modular type smartphone through an wireless connection such as via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LTE

LG 360 CAM

LG TONE PlatinumTM


Apps that control and utilize LG Friends

LG 360 CAM Apps and Content


Content for LG Friends

LG 360 VR


LG smartphone's all-new modular design allows you to develop modules that can transform the LG smartphone according to user needs through the slide-out battery slot.


Our goal is to help make our users play more with lots of Modular Friends. We want to see you having more fun with Modular Friends. We will receive new creative ideas or suggestions from you, develop those ideas, and process to commercialize through co-development with shortlisted developers.


You can get more detailed information from Develop > Modular Friends.


This group of Friends devices can be connected to the LG modular type smartphone via wired or wireless connection through USB, Bluetooth, Wi-fi or LTE, and more. Consider the connection standards and quality criteria to get your Wired and Wireless Friends certified by LG.


You can enjoy various benefits and advantages by having your device certified as LG Friends.


• Quick and Easy Connection

LG Friends certified devices will be registered to LG Friends Manager app so that users can readily discover and connect LG Friends certified devices with the LG modular type smartphone.

• Promotion

LG Friends certified devices can be distributed through Also LG will advertise and promote your LG Friends certified device to LG smartphone users.

Start developing a Wired and Wireless Friends today and join the Friends circle! Take your first step with Develop > Wired and Wireless Friends.



Some of LG Friends launched by LG Electronics come with SDK (Software Development Kit). With the SDK, developers can create new apps or services for the LG Friends. Create your own apps with our Friends and be a pioneer in spreading and flourishing spherical and virtual reality experience! More SDKs for LG Friends are coming soon! LG will help you develop more apps and services for LG Friends.


You can also create content for LG Friends that's made for more fun! Through Content Partnership with LG Electronics, you can share and promote your content for LG Friends through our channels.


Want to create new apps or content for LG Friends? Start it from Develop > Apps and Content.