AT&T Shape Hackathon and Mobile Monday Meetup 03-Aug-2016

360 CAM App Challenge at AT&T Shape


From July 15th to 16th, AT&T Shape — a tech expo was held in AT&T Park, San Francisco.

A various kinds of new technologies and products in IoT, VR and wearables were introduced and displayed at the field of the ballpark. On the second floor, a 26-hour hackathon was proceeded and LG hosted a 360 CAM app challenge. Participants who joined in this all-night development lined up in front of the LG desk to borrow a test device soon after opening the door.



      [AT&T Park - Event Venue]                     [Exhibition of LG 360 CAM]        


AT&T, Qualcomm, Nuance, Pebble, Robotis, and other famous IT companies provided their solutions and development kits, developers integrated these solutions to realize their ideas.

LG 360 CAM was also adapted to interesting ideas such as 360-degree sports broadcasting service, air condition measuring system, home monitoring robot, and remote baby sitter camera.


IMG_7680.jpg image4.jpg

[LG Engineers are talking about how to develop apps for 360 CAM]


The winner of the LG challenge for $2,500 prize was Eric Liao, who created a 360-degree sports broadcasting service single-handedly. See the video attached above to know what the service is.



A Seminar with Mobile Monday Members

On 18th of July, we gave a seminar about LG 360 CAM and 360 VR for Mobile Monday members. Mobile Monday is one of the biggest IT communities over the world, this seminar was with the members based in Silicon Valley, sponsored by Qualcomm.


image6.jpg image7.jpg

[Introduction to LG 360 CAM App Dev.]          [VR Trend and LG 360 VR]          


Although it was Monday evening, 50+ members joined us and talked about overall of VR technologies. They burst into cheers when we displayed the live preview of the 360 CAM on a web browser.

VR is still a main stream of IT technology and people were really interested in it. There were too many questions to proceed the presentation. This VR presentation was absorbing and interesting with various examples of VR content.

Hackathon Challenge at SHAPE AT&T Tech Expo 29-Jun-2016

LG has supported developers who are interested in building apps for LG devices since 2008. We hold developer conferences, give lectures, and have hackathons.


In this year, we will have a hackathon challenge at Shape, one of the biggest technical expo in San Francisco, challenging developers to develop your own app for LG 360 CAM.


Shape is an AT&T Tech Expo for mobile app developers, video content creators, and tech professionals. Explore the possibilities of technology and innovation throughout scenic AT&T Park in San Francisco on Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16.

At the event, we'll prepare a space reserved for you.

Come and join us! There are $2,500 in prizes waiting for you!

What is the topic of the challenge?

Using the preload app of your 360 degree camera can’t satisfy you anymore?
LG 360 CAM provides open APIs that allow easy control of the device using your own app. The LG Friends Camera SDK will help you realize your ideas. 

We challenge you to develop your own app for LG’s new compact 360 smart camera (LG 360 CAM), which will provide novel ways of enjoying the 360 degree content to its users. You can play around with the camera, then move onto connect and control the device using LG Friends Camera SDK and OSC (Open Spherical Camera) APIs to develop your app. At the event, you will also receive feedback from the experts, on what is great about your app and how you can further work on it. 



What is happening at Shape?

  • Featured Speakers: Ray Kurzweil, Nate Silver, Jason Silva, and Dr. Fei-Fei Li as they share their visions of what the future might hold
  • Exhibits on the Park’s Promenade from 50+ tech partners and explore innovations, meet a robot, experience VR, and play with the latest devices
  • A Hackathon offering more than $100K in prizes
  • A Maker Camp for kids can make, hack, and tinker while building hands-on projects
  • Finals for an online technical innovation Challenge showcasing Augmented Networks, Smart Cities, and Connected Things

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LG Friends Developer Conference 15-Jun-2016

The LG Friends developer events was held in both South Korea and the United States. 

LG Friends Developer Conference in Korea



On 17th May, a developer conference for LG Friends and VR was held in Sang'am Nuriggum Square. This event differs from the last developer event. First, we cooperated with SBS to organize the event. Second, the main topic was G5 and Friends, the rising star in mobile industries. Of course, VR is still popular. Almost 400 participants including 70 members of the press were in attendance.

At this event, LG announced that the LG Friends store and LG Friends developer site will open. The conference room was full of participants that want to know how to develop LG Friends. Also, people were excited to experience LG Friends before launching. As you know, there has been a lot of press as plenty of reporters were present. One of the LG specialists in the demo booth said many pictures of him were taken. Some of them even ended up on TV!
The heat continued to rise as 99 media outlets reported the news 204 times. We hope that the LG G5 and Friends are big hits!


2016 North America LG Mobile Developer Event



On the 15th of April 2016, LG held an event for developers for the LG G5 and Friends devices in San Francisco. We introduced the development of Friends with various types and the mobile SDK. We demonstrated the LG 360 VR and LG 360 CAM, which got a lot of attention, and also demonstrated other Friends devices, such as CAM Plus and Rolling Bot.
We were joined by our partners; Google, Parrot, and Alcacruz (the VR company), who presented technical sessions.

The event was graced by almost 200 participants with 90 participants attending the developer event and there was a deep sense of excitement for the sessions.
We hope that the LG G5 and Friends make a huge splash in North America!