Importing Library

Import the BLE libraries in the Friends Camera SDK package to a working project. The SDK contains the following libraries:

  • FriendsLink: connectivity libraries


The aar library files are named according to the following manner:

  FriendsLink-"main version"."minor version"."sub version".aar
  ex) FriendsLink-1.5.8.aar


Import the aar libraries to the project as described below:


1) Open up the project structure by right-clicking on your project and choosing “Open Module Settings” or choosing “File” > “Project Structure…


2) Click the “+” button in the top left to add a new module.




3) Choose “Import .JAR or .AAR Package” and click the “Next” button.




4) Find your file using the ellipsis button (“…”) beside the “File name” field. Studio will automatically create a subproject name. You can modify the subproject name. Just click “Finish”.




5) Repeat these steps for all the libraries.


6) Add the dependency declaration to the ‘build.gradle’ build file under the application project. The subproject name entered in the previous step should be listed here.

dependencies {
   compile project(':FriendsLink')

Include the following dependency additionally to the dependency declaration in order to use Over-AP connection feature of the FriendsLink library.

dependencies {
   compile project('')


7) Click ‘Sync Project with Gradle Files’ button from the Toolbar of the Android Studio.