Friends Camera API 1.0

Friends Camera API 1.0 is applicable for 360 CAM.

This section contains descriptions on Friends Camera API 1.0 and ConnectionManager API. Friends Camera API consists of Google’s OSC API and LG’s vendor-specific implementations. The ConnectionManager API consists of methods for BLE and Wi-Fi connection with Friends devices.

More information on Google’s Open Spherical Camera API is available on the following Google Developers site: Open Spherical Camera API

Friends Camera supports OSC API version 2.0. For backward compatibility, OSC API version 1.0 has not been removed. However, avoid using deprecated OSC API version 1.0 which might cause unexpected errors; there’s no guarantee that deprecated OSC API would function properly. For this reason, Friends Camera SDK does not provide any guide, API reference or technical support in regard to use of OSC API version 1.0.