Get Started

This section describes the process of application development with Friends Camera SDK.


Step 1. Download and Install SDK

Download and install the Friends Camera SDK package based on your OS. 


<Quick Link>

Android SDK download: Android SDK > SDK Download

iOS SDK download: iOS SDK > SDK Downlaod

Step 2. Configure Project

Start development by creating a project from the IDE. Configure the project setup and import relevant BLE libraries to the project.


<Quick Link>

Project Setup for Android: Android SDK > Project Setup

Project Setup for iOS: iOS SDK > Project Setup

Step 3. Develop Application

Create your own application and add features by using APIs provided in the SDK.

Development consists of mainly two parts: device connection and camera control.


- Implement connectivity feature

Use FriendsLink API (according to your OS) to connect application with camera device.


- Implement camera control feature

Use Friends Camera API (not os-specific) to add camera control features such as taking pictures, recording videos, watching preview, etc.


<Quick Link>

Android App Development: Android SDK > App Development

iOS App Development: iOS SDK > App Development

Step 4. Build, Run and Test Your Application

You can run and test the application on your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to your PC through a USB cable. Run your application on the target smartphone from the IDE.


<Quick Link>

Testing your app using Android Studio: Android SDK > Testing

Testing your app using Xcode: iOS SDK > Testing

Step 5. Compare with Sample Application

Friends Camera SDK provides sample applications so that you can get the idea of how to use relevant APIs to implement desired features.


<Quick Link>

Android Sample: Android SDK > Samples

iOS Sample: iOS SDK > Samples