Modular Friends


The LG G5 has the modular design which allows the bottom bezel of the device to be detached and replaced to another module. This replaceable module is called Modular Friends.


The G5 Modular Friends consists of the following units:

•  Modular processing unit  Provides the module's own functionalities such as real camera experience with physical keys, Hi-Fi DAC with Amp and etc.
•  Phone support unit Supports smartphone functions
•  Battery pack unit (Optional) Provides power to the Modular Friends


The G5 Modular Friends communicate with the smartphone's main body using AppsPortTM 1.0.

•  AppsPortTM 1.0 As a port defined by LG, AppsPortTM 1.0 allows LG smartphones to expand their functionalities by using various Modular Friends. It consists of 28 pins to transmit or receive electrical signals and has own protocol defining the communication interface


This article provides a very basic level of information about how the Modular Friends can be combined with LG G5 mechanically and electrically. It intends to help you design and suggest an idea for Modular Friends with understanding of the technical architecture. 


Since the Modular Friends significantly affect the smartphone's design and performance, you will need to work closely with LG in the co-development and production. The detailed technical information such as pin description, protocol specification will be provided to you when you join the co-development process.



Mechanical Specification

The G5’s battery can be put in Modular Friends battery slot as below. 




For the Modular Friends to fit the G5's main body, it must meet the following specifications:

•   Width 73.9mm
•   Structure AppsPortTM1.0
Side Locker 


Electrical Connection - AppsPortTM 1.0

To communicate with the Modular Friends using LG G5, you must use AppsPortTM 1.0.

AppsPortTM 1.0 Connector 

AppsPortTM 1.0 Connector consists of 28 pins to transmit and receive electrical signals for data, control, power, etc. between the Modular Friends and the G5 main body.

•   28 Pins   
•   Dimensions  9.05 x 2.45 x 6.8mm
•   The PCB in the main body is inserted into the AppsPort connector.

AppsPortTM 1.0 Protocol 

AppsPortTM 1.0 supports the following:

•   USB 2.0 HS OTG
•   Data, control, power specified by LG Electronics 

Further details are available upon joining the LG Friends co-development.